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Not really. Many of the best PVP'ers play both sides. It's just that the competent players form a larger portion of the KDF playerbase, increasing the probability of meeting a competent player.

Really, Kerrat is the only open warzone with any population. Also, it is epic fun if I happen to run into a batch of competent FED players, and it happens more often than you might think. It is also epic taking my FED snooper sci into Kerrat and tag-teaming with a friendly escort or two. In such cases, I encounter KDF'ers fairly often who do not have much idea of how to fight with a negated cloak.

Also, the KDF rarely has enough population to start off an arena or other battle with each other. In such scenarios, it is usually 3v3 or 4v4. Not really as fun as the crazy furballs that sometimes erupt in Kerrat.

Although I have a distaste for spawncamping in the form of laying mines, warp plasma, and dozens of assimilators on the spawn, whichever side I am on. Quite simply, I give you 3 seconds to react, given that that's the warp-in animation time, before I start shooting. If you touch me with a beam or cannon, you're open game. If you run off instead, without firing, I leave you to be hunted later.
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