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So I've got a small list of chat-related issues involving the chat window, its tabs, channel options, and the use of the chat.

Firstly, and perhaps most obnoxiously, is the return of the double "//".

Using the "/" key to initiate chat in an empty chat box will now often drop double forward slashes instead of the intended single forward slash, ending up with a useless "//" that doesn't work for commands like "/g" for team chat. When you're rapidly typing out explanations or directing a team, this can become annoying very quickly, especially since it seems to happen nearly more than half the time, and at least one-third of the time.

STO had this issue on live for a period before it got fixed. Please don't let this come back to live.

Second, on live, chat tabs at the top of the chat window used to be easily scrollable, using either the mouse wheel to quickly scroll across left or right to swap to another chat tab or the two arrow buttons at the top right of the window when there are too many chat tabs to view at once.

This makes swapping chat channels so much easier on live, making for overall faster chat, especially if you separate your useful channels out across separate tabs.

However, currently on Tribble, while the use of the two arrow buttons to scroll left and right now work once more, the ability to use the mouse wheel to scroll through them more quickly is still inactive/removed. I would prefer to see this returned for ease of use in swapping chat tabs.

Thirdly, if you right-click on a chat tab on live, you can toggle a check-box to allow or disallow newly created chat tabs to *not* be created with ALL the custom channels you've joined added to it by default, making it less of a pain to create new chat tabs if you have a handful or more chat channels you've joined and wish to separate them out into their own tabs.

This is a handy feature, yet it's been removed on Tribble and I would definitely be pleased to see this returned.

Fourth, it's possible on live to toggle the Emote channel on or off in the list of channels (Local, Team, Zone, etc.). However, on Tribble, this is impossible to do, and I noticed that characters I had transferred over from the live server could not even view things said or done on the Emote channel on any chat tab. Even for newly-created characters, this is a problem if you wish to remove the Emote channel from chat tabs only meant for, say, Team chat, or Fleet chat, making it impossible to avoid Emote chat in all other more specific-use chat tabs, flooding them with Emotes if people are using them or RP'ing nearby.

I noticed many of these issues are also occurring in Neverwinter and wonder if things related to the chat UI were borrowed from them for this upcoming release. Someone may need to let them know the sometimes-double "//" is most-unwanted.

Regardless, I would like to see these all fixed/re-added before or soon after the expansion is released on live. As it currently stands, these add up to becoming annoying long-term, especially for veteran players.

I tried to bug report many of these over the last week, but the bug report system in-game didn't seem to be operational at the time, so I can only hope this post reaches the devs' eyes.

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