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05-19-2013, 07:42 PM
Originally Posted by cyresofbsgo View Post
if STO was based on the original timeline, there would only be ONE phaser type 1, and ONE phaser type 2, only ONE phaser type 1 rifle, all Starfleet weapons would have an optional setting to be wide/narrow warm/stun/heavy stun/deadly/vaporize

NOT 5+ phasers

narrow stun

wide stun

wide beam

narrow beam

dule beam

BUT ONLY ONE PHASER per "type" (type could have been the MK#)

Always was annoying they did that, guess they had to split up the function to boost the item drops.

IMHO, they should have basic firing phasers, Uncommon having 2 settings, Rare with 3, Very Rare with 4, and Unique with 5 or more. That way the lower rarities, you could mix up the types like we have with modifiers. Or mixing up settings with modifiers.