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05-19-2013, 08:42 PM
This has happened repeatedly to me, too. I believe the issue is a much more serious UI issue across the board. In many cases, a UI window will not be updated for a few seconds. The UI loads with it's local data, then a few seconds later with server data, most likely. This happens to me constantly when training boffs. I'll pull them up and immediately start pressing the arrow to train, then it will magically reset back to zero and force me to do it again.

When this vendor bug happens, if you watch very closely, the list of items on sale will change. It'll move items up or down one. When purchasing, you're not buying "stembolts", you're buying "item #15 from the list". But because the server just updated the client, item #15 is no longer stembolts, and you just bought a load of something you didn't want.