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05-19-2013, 07:49 PM
The tutorial does a good job of conveying the sense of what it means to be a Klingon(and the cutscene when you arrive at Qo'noS put a stupid grin on my face - the audio cue was just spot-on.)

The voice-over work is a little dodgy in places, but if you can get past that and the constant desire to cut down Drake where he stands(instead of letting him go like a bad cartoon villain), it's a very fun (and very 'Klingon') experience. The Torg storyline has also been reworked in a good way(the lowlands, outside First City, are absolutely beautiful now) and ends with a really satisfying climax to the first 10 levels. It really leaves you feeling like you 'earned' your promotion and new ship through 'honorable battle for the empire'.

After that, it tends to fall back into the status-quo of stuff you're mostly already familiar with. There are some reworked Federation missions woven in(which make sense, plot-wise), but I expect they're still going to be a bit rough around the edges for launch. I only managed to test through the first 20ish levels, so I can't really speak for the entire leveling process.

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