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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
It's interesting to me how Star Trek (2009) was cited as a model for STO by many fans, players, and reviewers. The action focus. The design sensibilities. Even the lens flares.

What's interesting to me was how Into Darkness managed to be non-stop action while being the anti-STO in certain respects... and simultaneously having designs that reflected STO.

The similarities can be boiled down to three points.

1. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. The aliens were often very alien. From Kirk's one night stands to Ruk serving on the bridge of the 1701. It practically seemed that the briefer a character's appearance, the more inclined the filmmakers were to make the character look inhuman or alien. Even the Klingons got their "character slider" restrictions tossed. In turn, Starfleet had so many uniforms as to render the idea of a uniform moot. The TOS short skirt mods were back but in short and long sleeved variants. Kirk wore probably 3-4 uniforms in the film. The jackets with transparent windows to show division color undershirts seemed especially STO-like.

2. Action! Rifles are everywhere!

3. Ship combat is often stationary and on a plane. Small ships turn. Big ships point and fire.

The differences can be boiled down in several points:

1. Clunky ships = bad guys. Menacing ships? Bad guys.

2. Never trust an admiral. An old Trek trope, reinforced here. Admirals are not your friends and not the heroes.

3. Orders are a suggestion.

4. You can always team with the bad guy.

5. The Prime Directive matters.

6. The Federation doesn't want to fight the Klingons. Section 31? Yes. Starfleet? No.

7. Starfleet officers always try to reason with their enemies.

7. Phasers set to stun. In an action packed movie with lots of fighting and a massive bodycount, the heroes walked out of this film responsible for none of the deaths. Hated how they killed Nero last time? They went the opposite route this time. There is precisely one death in the entire film attributable to a Starfleet officer and that's an indirect death, when Scotty opens the airlock and the Section 31 grunt proves too stupid to recognize a countdown.

The officers in this film saved their enemies every time they could. They rescued the augments. They rescued Khan. They didn't kill Marcus and locked phasers on stun. They didn't kill the Klingons (Khan did).

Try finding a mission in STO with a player-driven bodycount as low as Into Darkness.

Heck, try find as many lines about how Starfleet isn't supposed to be military, how exploration is the prime focus. How often do you see a pacifist willing to resign over moral objections?

I was even dismissive of some of this criticism three years ago but after watching Into Darkness, I'm left feeling that the Starfleet of STO isn't run by Undine and isn't making necessary sacrifices but is Section 31.

Section 31 in the film wears one of the STO uniforms. They use rifles. They want cannons on their cruisers and use dark hulls on ships with kibble-heavy designs. They want war with the Klingons. They want better gear and are involved with weapons crafting and special weapons consoles (long range drone torpedoes). The STO similarities were so pronounced that I'd practically expect a Featured Episode series in STO where it turns out Quinn, Yanishev, and T'nae are ALL Section 31, along with others.
that movie was so cool