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05-19-2013, 08:07 PM
This has been happening to me, aswell. I'll have plenty of charges, but no torpedo comes out. I've been doing some more testing, and it seems to be fairly rare against normal enemy ships, but near constant against borg structures, so there is a fair chance that the underlying problem is some sort of pathing issue, which have plagued borg structures since inception. (Remember how often fighters couldn't attack them?)

Torpedo high yield doesn't actually fix the issue. It just stops the visual glitch. I've had it take more than ten seconds to actually launch the hy-torp after activating it, you can tell by the timeout on the HY effect over the weapon in the UI.

EDIT: I also tested whether it might be caused by torpedo doffs or having multiple torpedoes loaded. No to both. Happened with no torp doffs and just one launcher of any kind.

This really kinda sucks. Both rep torpedoes are just too bugged. The romulan torp's bolts are slower than my BoP flies, so half the time it fails to fire.

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