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Originally Posted by zenithheaven View Post
I'm new to recruiting (focusing mostly on Diplomacy) and I appear to have missed something. I'm a Vice Admiral, Federation, Alien, Female.

If this is a DOff assignment you just pick up in the area, I've pretty thoroughly checked Sol System, Earth Spacedock, and Starfleet Academy. I do not seem to be capable of picking it up. And I can't talk to the Personnel Officer that was linked in the STO Guide. Is there someone else I am supposed to talk to for these assignments? If so, where is this person? I have tried to look for myself... but I can't find any NPCs who might hand out the assignments.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I'm not able to edit the original posts in this thread, but that guide on STOWiki is accurate. These assignments only come from the Personnel Officers now and they don't show up in the DOff UI until you interact directly with these NPCs. The "Personnel Officer" in the same kiosk as Lt. Ferra has five of them, and then the Tellarite Personnel Officer and Andorian Personnel Officer are located on the sidewalk west of that building, and the Vulcan Personnel Officer is just south of the big Starfleet Command seal in the center of the Academy courtyard.

What do you mean by you can't talk to the Personnel Officer? If you're not getting an interact dialog, you have to get really close to her. For some reason the radius on her interact button is tiny, too tiny in my opinion. If the assignments are greyed out, then they're just on cooldown and will be available again in a couple days.