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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
It's funny to me because I'm pointing out a list of things the JJverse did this time that reinforced classic Trek points and there are people attacking the idea of a Federation that avoids lethal force or pursues a scientific mandate because the JJverse did it. That is, if they read the post and didn't just come out swinging at the mention of JJ Abrams.

I'd think if somebody DIDN'T like Into Darkness, they might be more upset that STO has less in common with the Prime Universe than Into Darkness does in some ways.

This isn't a total dumping on STO (or Abrams) thread for me. Both did a lot right and a few things wrong. But I think as much as STO could initially stand behind the 2009 reboot as "this is how new audiences see Star Trek and how we have to do it" at one point, Into Darkness reverses a lot of that.

It's still joke-y and action-y but the funny thing for me is that as much as it is that, the Into Darkness Kirk would be considerably more serious about a lot of things that the game has never taken seriously under the pretense of being an action game... And still wind up in a more exciting action sequence while standing against senseless violence/killing.

I feel like Into Darkness could be a very good template for STO in terms of looking at how to do action without making your heroes overly militaristic or butchers, which we sometimes feel a bit like.
I refuse to watch it based on how bad the previous film was, and nothing Paramount can do will ever redeem themselves in my eyes, for so long they were loyal to the fans and then they tossed all the fans out of an airlock. As far as STO and it not acting like Starfleet thats a given in an MMO, I accept that and do not consider this game cannon, the last real peice of cannon was Nemesis