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Originally Posted by nafeasonto1 View Post
Dilthium is the most valued commodity in the game and you are only allowed to refine 8K a day. You get ore which is useless until refined, hence the 24hr restriction to refine. DIL is used to buy nearly everything. If you want to get more then a days worth you would have to buy Zen with real money then convert the Zen to fake (DIL) money. (Hence the nearly FORCED having to buy Zen to get DIL.)
No refinement cap would mean crazy dil/zen change rate. Do you want to pay 1k dil/1zen ? I don't.
OFC it suck to be capped, but there is a reason why, and it's not only because they want to make more money.

Some ships costs ZEN AND DIL. This makes no sense because now you are paying almost double to get something.
Which one ? Honest question.

Lock boxes are dropped which need "master keys" which of course you have to buy on the Zen store, which costs real money. Or buy it off the exchange for about 1.7Mil EC a piece. This is obvious the biggest money maker in the game, and probably the biggest rip off due to the fact most of the time you get CRAP or you buy 10 keys at a time which cost 1200 ZEN which is ridiculous.
Hate that to. But every f2p have gamblebox now. SWTOR, LOTRO, Defiance...
And you can grind money for a gamblebox ship anyway. I did it for a Wells, didn't spent a cent for it. It took me about 2-3months, but I did it. And while playing casually.

If you can deal with the insane prices for items and ships for the game, go ahead and play. If you can't afford to pay out the bucks don't bother to play. In all honesty.
This game can be freely played, including ALL content released to date. You can also play endgame with a fine ship, or even a good ship if you include event related ships (Chel grett, odyssey...).
And if you are a 600d vets/LTS, you simply have no excuses, as you receive a free ship token at 50.

Why not even give people a discount off the store so now you are paying 15 dollars a month plus ZEN ? That is INSANE.
500zen/months>>>>discount. 500zen/month means you can unlock stuff without paying. Discount mean you can unlock stuff if you pay.

Getting 500 ZEN a month is not worth it, as you would get that ANYWAY if you played the game for free.
Which mean it's quite easy to earn 500zen ? You said it.

When you join a FLEET you can get FLEET ships, but the only way to get THOSE is a FLEET MODULE. WHICH AGAIN OF COURSE you have to buy off then Zen store. (THAT IS A FORCED BUY. Don't tell me IT ISN'T).

They are 500 ZEN A PIECE. (That is INSANE). some ships need FIVE Modules. You can buy the equivalent refit ship on the ZEN STORE, to make it cost ONE fleet module but again it's half a dozen one way or the other, there is no difference. You end up paying the same thing.
Or you just buy them from the exchange for some EC. Or you trade dil for zen, and buy them. Or you do both.
Come on, that's not even difficult to grind enough money for it.
And you'll have an awesome ship, maybe even better than any Cstore ship. For free. And yet, you complain.

This game is loaded with content now, .
Yep, and everything free. Forever. Strange you forget to mention it.

Don't tell me it's the same thing if you paid 15.00 a month back in the day. You can spend well over $100.00 in this game in a DAY, then you did in a YEAR with other sub games. Still earn the same stuff.
It's obviously not the same thing. Now, if you can refrain yourself a bit, you can have everything you want, for the same amount of money, or even less than before
I am LTS on LOTRO. I never spent a cent on LOTRO since then, and still bought every add on released so far, and some useless thing I would never had before f2p (storage extension, vanity costumes, xp/reput boost....).
One word : stipend. Another proof stipend beats discount everytime.

Now, it seems OP is annoyed because he want some ship, but don't want to wait for it. Or pay for it.
Or maybe he spent a lot more than expected, and he/wife realized that, and he is now angry against cryptic.