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05-19-2013, 10:55 PM
I do not understand why there are not more vendors. New Romulus is a business opportunity, so where are the business men?

This is in my view a general lacking concept with vendors, you can buy this here and that there. You can buy a pair of shoes in New York and a jacket in Sacramento, wow, what an economy.

And the issue of stacks of course. This is also a general thing, let me buy and stack up things to 100 at least.

Talking about an EC sink. It is funny, but the Tauw Dewa patrol, brings in more EC than you spend on Romulus reputation, when you sell the loot that drops in those missions (you should do those where you kill stuff, of course). Anyway, my characters with full or almost full Romulus reputation are richer than the ones that are low on the reputation ladder.