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05-19-2013, 10:12 PM
Originally Posted by supergaminggeek View Post
Maybe it's because commodities are easier to transport than Energy Credits.
I supply my fleet some resources for their Projects, because I can. No EC sink there.
You could have sold them for ECs so that was still a sink. Commodities are in no way easier to transport. EC does not take up a slot in my inventory or bank.

Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Also some stuff is free, its easy to get stuff with Marauding DOFF assigments not counting drops.

Then you have the discount console in the Embassy, the discount vendors that sure makes a but annoying but also saves up.

The only nuisance is the stacks, 20 for consumables and 250 for commodities, if it was 999 for both it would cease to be a real issue unless you fail at math or cannot check STO wiki.

But I could sell off the Free stuff to Vendors for EC's and still be able to pay my way. The big difference is that I would not have to go around the Galaxy to buy all this stuff at lower prices and waste my inventory space on stacks of 20 and 250.

Originally Posted by fovrel View Post
Talking about an EC sink. It is funny, but the Tauw Dewa patrol, brings in more EC than you spend on Romulus reputation, when you sell the loot that drops in those missions (you should do those where you kill stuff, of course). Anyway, my characters with full or almost full Romulus reputation are richer than the ones that are low on the reputation ladder.

This is so true. STF's are not so kind but the Romulan Sector Patrol can really rake in the cash. I get around 500K every time I do it.