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05-19-2013, 10:12 PM
The storylines only differ mildly since you don't actually play your ally's missions aside from Featured Episodes and events. You can team with friends on their missions but won't get the faction mission rewards like the Shard Sword of Kahless. It's basically just a social feature.

The big differences are:

- You can use your allied faction's ships while leveling. (But have to buy them on the C-Store or pay dilithium.)

- This does mean consoles from T1-T4 C-Store ships are available depending on which faction you allied with. Klingons have better C-Store consoles.

- You can use allied faction bridge officers. In practice, this might mean you'd want humans and Saurians for space (and would benefit from humans being relatively common). Klingon side, you'd want Letheans for space. This is assuming you don't want Romulans. On the ground, the best BOs are available to both factions anyway (photonic MACO, android, Jem'Hadar.)

You can (last I checked) use both a Reman Borg BO and a Federation/Klingon Borg BO.

In general, Klingons will give you better "cheap" ground BOs whereas Federation will give you better "cheap" space BOs. But when you're looking at the best and most expensive, it's about the same.

- Which STF gear you get will vary by faction that you've allied with. Both sides can get the other side's gear, stat-wise, in the adapted sets but it takes longer to get.

- You will make dilithium faster KDF side, especially if you play with DOffs. But your PvP queues and fleet event queues will probably be longer.

- Big difference? What fleet you can join. And what fleet actions you can do. And what Foundry missions you can do.