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05-19-2013, 10:13 PM
What character(s) do you already have? You might like to choose a different character class in order to experiment with a new play style.

Does either side bring something to a Romulan captain via items only obtainable from one faction? Or consoles ect. I can't imagine ships would really come into it since, you can't command anything higher then T4.
If you have purchased any T1-T4 ships from the C-Store, you will be able to access and fly the ships for the faction with whom you are allied. If they have Universal Consoles (which are not restricted to a ship class) or other special equipment (Quad Cannons; Hangar Pets), you will be able to use those on your Romulan ship.

PS. Check out this thread, on a similar topic:

Edit: Seems like I've been ninja'd by someone more informed! The post above is useful.
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