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The storylines only differ mildly since you don't actually play your ally's missions aside from Featured Episodes and events. You can team with friends on their missions but won't get the faction mission rewards like the Shard Sword of Kahless. It's basically just a social feature.
There are a few flags in the missions that will change how a particular mission progresses (slightly), much like which character helps you in Temporal Ambassador depends on which faction you're playing (and Romulans ask a third character in that mission...).
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- You can use your allied faction's ships while leveling. (But have to buy them on the C-Store or pay dilithium.)
Temporal Ambassador will get you your ally's ship (Ambassador or Kamarag) for free, so if you want a Cruiser-type ship instead of a Mogai at Subcommander, you can do so. If you plan on that, I'd recommend the Kamarag since it's closer in play style to the Warbirds than the Ambassador is.

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