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05-19-2013, 11:01 PM
Originally Posted by koje View Post
Is there anyone I can PM to get real help?

I submited a CS ticket because I can't log in to STO without linking my STO account to my PW account but when I try, it tells me that my PW account is already linked. However, the account that my PW account is apparently linked to has none of the unlocks I have earned.

Basically my PW account is linked to the wrong STO account.

The response I got from CS was...

Hello ,

Thank you for contacting us. Currently Neverwinter is offline for emergency maintenance. For more information, please see our forum post
Please see my post here

Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Hi Captains,

Thanks for your patience as our GM team works to answer your tickets -- please note that tickets are answered in the order received, but the time for response varies depending on how many tickets are ahead of yours. We appreciate your patience as they work through each one, and apologize for the increased response time we're currently experiencing.

If you're running into account linking difficulties, please read our support article here:

Regarding helping nenwe create a PWE new account, this is because they had already logged in to STO with the PWE account they were trying to link, which makes it ineligible for linking to a Cryptic account -- this is because, upon first log in to the launcher, if you don't link it to a Cryptic account first, it creates a "new" linked Cryptic account for you on that PWE account (you don't access that Cryptic account for anything, but the game recognizes it -- that's how you have an in-game @handle). Our GM team would be able to assist with unlinking that PWE account and linking it to your old Cryptic account (you'd need to file a ticket and wait for a response), but if you made any characters on the PWE account, they'd be lost as your old STO characters would override them.

Creating a new PWE account and linking it to your old Cryptic account via the steps in the above linked support is a method to use if you don't want to wait for support to get back to you, but should only be done if you don't use the current "ineligible for linking" PWE account to play other PWE games, have not bought any ZEN/ Legacy Pack, don't mind starting over your forum account, etc. It's really best to wait for GM help in unlinking the account and linking it to your old Cryptic account, though, as you shouldn't need to create a new account -- you'd just need to wait for a response to your ticket.


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