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05-20-2013, 01:44 AM
Need a response from pw/cryptic.
I was the person that posted this original thread back on the 5th.
I had also received the now infamous email requesting confirmation of change of email back on the 4th which I didn't request like so many others.
I put 2 and 2 together and concluded that my account had been in hacked and sent in a ticket voicing these suspicions on the 6th, within 24 hrs my account(above one) was banned with no explanation forthcoming.
I sent in another ticket using the banned account option on support to find out why my account had been banned on the 7th. No respone to any of these tickets.
I then sent in another ticket on the 9th using banned account option at support to find out why I had not heard anything about what was happening to my account detailing all tickets submitted to that point.
Having watched the forums I know that others have had similar or same problems and that the support was been overwhelmed with tickets so I was patient and didn't send in another ticket until the 13th, bear in mind I have not received a reply to any tickets for 8 days at this stage.

So this is my last resort, I believe I have been extremely patient in waiting for a resolution
so I have opened another account to use the forum in the hopes that someone from pw/cryptic will respond. It is now 15 days and still no response.
I am a life time subber been playing for over 400 days have 6 alts and have played most days since I joined.
I believe I have been treated poorly and would like to know why. Is it unreasonable to have expected a reply by now?
Just a reply would be nice so I know where I stand.
Thanks in advance for any advice.