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General information:
Name: Emily L. T'Ithildae
Species/Race: Romulan
Date of Birth: 7 September 2352
Place of Birth: ch'Havran (Remus)
Age: 57
Sex: Female

Length: 6'0
Weight: 160 lbs
Eye color: Emerald Green.
Skintone: Typically Romulan Greenish.
Hair color: Black.

Emily has a slender and lightly athletic build, and is generally considered to be an attractive woman. Unlike most other Romulan women Emily has long flowing hair that reaches down to her shoulders. Like most other Romulans Emily has ridges on her forehead, and a slightly grayish skin tone.

-Father: Senator Argelian Tr'Ithildae (deceased).
-Mother: Lyretha e-Saeihr T'Ithildae (deceased).
-Foster Parents: Frank and Sania Eriksonn (deceased).
-Foster Sister: Maria Eriksonn.

Emily followed classes on tactics, command, intelligence and security. She is a master in hacking and infiltration. Emily can use basically any weapon in combat, and is also well versed in unarmed combat due to her martial arts training. If she wants to be, Emily can be an inspirational leader to other people.

Emily's temper can sometimes flare when her mental grip on her passionate Romulan nature fails. Emily is also not a patient person, and occasionally she can become agitated rather quickly. Emily is a closed and reserved person as does not speak about her personal life or her emotions, this can make her seem distant and cold to others on many occasions.

Emily has but one goal to live according to her mnhei'sahe and to push herself to the top, in whatever field that will be.

When Emily was just a baby she and her twin brother, Robert, were found by a Starfleet officer, in one of the outer Federation colonies close to the neutral zone. Emily's mother was a Tal'Shiar operative, but was killed when she visited her mother with her newborn children. Their father tried to find his children but to no avail, they wouldn't meet again until many years

Emily and her brother were raised by their foster parents. Their foster father was a human Starfleet officer named Frank Eriksonn, and their foster mother was Frank's Vulcan wife Sania Eriksonn.

Emily and her brother spent much of their early childhood with their foster mother, together with their 5 year older Vulcan/Human foster sister. As children Emily and her brother were very passionate (like most Romulans). Their foster mother tried to teach them about the Vulcan way of logic, but Robert only rebelled against her. Since Emily was inseparable from her brother she rejected the path of logic as well. Emily studied Shaolin Kung Fu and adopted the mental disciplines of Xen Buddhism, to be able to control her passionate nature instead of repressing it like Vulcans do. At the age of 11 she and her brother had black belts. After that Emily also started to learn sword fighting, at which she soon became a master.

When Emily was 12 years old her foster father became the CO of the USS Colorado. Shortly afterwards Emily went to live with her foster father aboard the USS Colorado, as her foster mother found it impossible to teach Emily the path of logic. During her time on the USS Colorado Emily further honed her combat skills.

At the age of 16 Emily was admitted to Starfleet Academy. Emily graduated top (valedictorian) of her class. After her graduation Emily served aboard the USS Artemis as a security officer for one year. However, with the onset of the Dominion Emily was recruited by Starfleet Intelligence, because of her skills shown during her time in the Academy.

Emily hardly talks about her actions during the Dominion war, so it?s unknown what she exactly did. What is known for sure is that Emily served aboard the IKS Rotarran during several high profile missions. During this time Emily's fighting spirit earned her the respect and friendship of General Martok. Emily saved the General's life on one occasion, resulting in permanent personal ties between her and the house of Martok.

It is rumored Emily helped Elim Garak plant a bomb aboard the shuttle of a Romulan Senator named Vreenak, in an attempt to draw the Romulan Star Empire into the Dominion war. The attempt proved successful, but all subsequent inquiries into the matter were quietly sidetracked by Starfleet Command. It was also rumored that Emily was involved in several bombings on high profile Dominion targets, and that Emily was involved with Section 31. None of these rumors were ever confirmed since Emily's personal files of that period were sealed by order of Starfleet Command.

During the Dominion war, Robert found their real Romulan father and adopted
the family name. Desiring to reconnect to her Romulan roots Emily followed her brother's example.

After the war Emily was involved in several high profile cloak and dagger operations for Starfleet Intelligence. Emily's last mission ended in disaster, during which she was badly wounded. Upon her return to the Federation Emily was demoted to Ensign for disobeying a direct order.

After her recovery Emily was offered a post aboard the USS Aasgard as Intelligence Officer. Emily didn't like the idea of being part of the strict hierarchy, that came with serving aboard a starship. But her brother, Vice-Admiral Robert E. Tr'Ithildae, thought she should further her career, and left her no other choice but to accept the offer. Serving aboard the USS Aasgard was a real challenge for Emily. Except for her time on the USS Artemis and the IKS Rotarran, Emily had always operated alone or in very small teams. With a lot of effort Emily eventually managed to adapt to her new professional situation.

Emily quickly grew restless aboard the Aasgard, this was largely due to the fact that her former lover was also serving aboard the USS Aasgard. The situation with her former lover created many professional and emotional problems for Emily, as she and her former lover did not part ways on the best of terms the last time they were together. After only just a few months Emily requested a transfer.

In late 2379 Emily transferred to the USS Odin and made Chief Intelligence Officer, she was also promoted to the rank of lieutenant. Rumors had it that Emily?s brother pulled some strings to get her old rank reinstated, though the rumors were never confirmed. Emily served with distinction aboard the USS Odin, she had finally found a home. In this time Emily did change a bit, she learned that she had a talent for leading people and motivating them. As a result she became a bit more open then she used to be. In early 2382 Emily was offered a position as XO of the USS Intervision. After long deliberation and many talks with her CO, Emily decided to accept.

In late April 2382 Emily was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and made XO of the USS Intervision. However, Emily never got the chance to serve aboard the USS Intervision, as it was badly damaged while en route to DS9. At that time Emily was still on Allura IX waiting for her new ship to pick her up.

Vice-Admiral Pike had other plans for Emily. Because of the sudden increase of newly constructed ships in Taskforce 44 of the 4th fleet, new CO?s were desperately needed. So in early 2382 Emily was suddenly promoted again, this time to the rank of Commander. Vice-Admiral Pike, the CO of Taskforce 44, personally reassigned Emily to the USS de Ruyter (a Galaxy class Dreadnought) as its CO. Because the USS Intervision would spend the next few months undergoing repairs, Vice-Admiral Pike felt that Emily?s skills were being wasted and would be better utilized in the role of CO.

Aboard the USS de Ruyter Emily once again found a home. Over the course of several years her senior crew slowly became like a second family to her. For Emily this was a happy time. Because she and the crew of the USS de Ruyter served with distinction, Emily was promoted to the rank of Captain in 2384.

In 2387 Emily's newly found serenity was shattered by the Hobus supernova event. Both her father and brother were killed when Romulus was destroyed. Emily was grief stricken by the loss of her closest family members. Despite her personal emotions Emily managed to pull herself together to command the USS de Ruyter during the Federation relief missions into Romulan space. General Worf contacted Emily and requested that the USS de Ruyter joined his task force to deal with the Narada. The attack on the Nerada was a disaster. The USS de Ruyter was destroyed during the attack, and Emily herself was severely wounded during General Worf's boarding of the Nerada. The USS Enterprise beamed Emily out in time to save her life.

The incident with the Nerada added insult to injury. While recovering aboard the USS Enterprise Emily was inconsolable. She had lost her family and her crew. As usual she kept everything bottled up inside of her, without showing any outward sign of the grief she experienced. Nobody ever knew just how close her sanity came to shattering.

After returning to Earth Emily took an extended leave of absence. Emily retreated to a remote Buddhist monastery in Tibet to meditate, and hopefully deal with her grief. Yet Emily found no relieve from her inner demons.

In 2388 reports became public that the Vulcan Science Academy knew of the threat of the Hobus supernova, but had refused to assist the Romulans in preventing the destruction of Romulus. Hearing the reports Emily became enraged. Her latent dislike of Vulcans turned to bitter hatred, as Emily blamed the Vulcan Science Council for the death of her father and brother.

In 2389 the Federation Council vindicated the Vulcan Science Council from any blame. Emily was enraged and decided to take 'justice' in her own hands. In late 2390 Emily was caught attempting to plant a trilithium based explosive inside the Vulcan Science Council. Emily was subsequently court marshaled, but escaped in a shuttle while en route to a Federation prison colony.

Emily sought out chancellor Martok and requested asylum within the Klingon empire. Despite condemning her actions against the Vulcan Science Council as dishonorable, Martok understood her grief and decided her strong emotions briefly clouded her judgement. As repayment for once saving his life Martok gave Emily asylum and made her a member of the house of Martok.

Emily decided her vindication would come through serving the house of Martok and the Klingon Empire. After being approached by Klingon Imperial Intelligence, Emily became an operative for them. During this time Emily mastered the use of the Bath'leth, as well as several forms Klingon martial arts.

When Martok was killed by J'mpok in 2393, Emily transferred her allegiance to Martok's son Drex. Shortly after Martok's death Emily came face to face with chancellor J'mpok. While heavily intoxicated with Bloodwine Emily denounced J'mpok as a blustering bully, and told J'mpok that she would toast over his corpse the day Drex would take his vengeance. Subsequently, Emily punched J'mpok square in the face, after which she walked out of the room. Rather then being enraged, J'mpok thought the Romulan girl had the heart of a Klingon warrior, and left the incident without consequences for Emily.

In early 2401 Emily was working undercover on Rator III. It is there that fate decided that Emily?s destiny would be a very different one. She was under orders to investigate a small Romulan splinter group known as the Reunificationists. Emily's life changed when she met D'Tan. His vision of a new Romulus and a new way of live for their people, touched Emily deeply. While keeping her cover intact Emily joined D'Tan's movement. Over the next few years Emily slowly came to terms with her grief, thanks to D'Tan's help.

Between 2401 and 2408 Emily worked tireless to help build up D'Tan's movement, while also still taking on assignments from Klingon Imperial Intelligence, aimed at weakening Empress Sela and the Tal'Shiar.

As D'Tan's movement gained momentum in 2409 and became the Romulan Republic, Emily was promoted to the rank of Commander in the Republic Navy, and given command of the RRW Daeinos (a Mogai class Warbird). When D'Tan allied with the Federation and the Klingon Empire, Emily decided to ally with the KDF as she knew she could never return to Starfleet.

When Emily first set foot on Mol'Rihan she wept over the beauty of this world. Emily had finally came home, and vowed she would fight for it no matter what. She had a new beginning together with the rest of her people. Finally Emily understood what it was to be Romulan.

Emily is quickly annoyed and also gets angry fast. Emily is slow to trust strangers. Emily is generally rather closed, and she is especially reluctant when it comes to speaking about her past. However, after Emily acquired a senior position, she became somewhat more open towards the people serving under her. If Emily is befriended, she will be loyal to that friend to the end, unless that friend betrays her. Emily practices Xen Buddhism for practical reasons rather then religious ones. The mental disciplines allow her to keep her passionate nature under control, and when on duty she can be as cold and blank as a Vulcan. Emily values duty above anything else, and she will always strive to be the best. As an officer Emily will do anything to protect the people serving under her, she is even willing to risk her own life to make sure no harm comes to those under her command.

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