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05-20-2013, 06:40 AM
Originally Posted by xlocutusofborgx View Post
Mm sleep tonight "very soon" then one more WOOHOO! Cant wait.

So ive decided...

Sci/female/rom thats my character. I want photonic fleet plus the ability to heal myself. Also I do pretty darn good damage on my other fed sci, so if I fit the mogai right, shell be a brute
I am really torn between Sci and Engineer for that very reason. I already know that my Romulan is going to be a female and her endgame ship will be the D'Deridex Retro/Fleet D'Deridex Retro. But yeah - Photonic Fleet or Miracle Worker :\

I dare say i'll go with Engineer, since then I would have my first Female engineer toon. If that happens, i'll do a Reman Sci and have my first male sci toon also.
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