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Why turn STO into a grind? It's counter-productive to modern MMO development philosophy. Any MMO player survey will tell you: no-one likes grinding in an MMO. Grinding loses subs.
You are correct in that no one really likes grinding (im sure some do). You are totally wrong that its not needed. It is imperative to any successful MMO and a necessary evil.

People will spend all day moaning on the forums how much they hate grind, then go off and grind it nonetheless.

You can not, in any way shape or form, release new content fast enough to keep people happy. You have to have content that is repeatable and gives people long term goals. Having nothing to aim for loses subs, as their studies have shown. the plugged the people leaving by adding more endgame and grind. its not a perfect solution but it works.

yes, having too much grind can be counter productive if it becomes unobtainable and people lose interest, but none of the grind is that crazy here. its all quite obtainable.

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