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Originally Posted by grylak View Post
So I finally think up a story for this. Now I just have to write it. But I do need help. Namely, with names. I'm terrible at coming up with Romulan names, and I need a slew of them, both male and female, including one for the lass who will become my main Romulan character in game. Any and all ideas welcomed!
No direct ideas, but I do know a place that can help you:

It's basically a name generation site - contains randomly generated names from just about every race in the most popular sci-fi franchises. They don't have too many Romulan Names, but they do have some--I got the name of the Character for my entry from this site!!

And yes, they do provide pairs of first/last names, but you don't need to stick with a provided pair--you can mix and match, if you want.

I hope this site helps you.

Also, nice biography, Hyperion!!
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