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Originally Posted by tylermaxwell View Post
Various things I noticed on my Romulan character:
  • Red alert warnings are still voiced by the Federation computer voice (ala Majel Barrett), as opposed to something Romulan. I nominate the voice for Subcommander Mivek (the lady who you gives you Romulan mark missions in the Tau Dewa sector block I think) to do the VO for a true
Seconded. I love hearing her, Jolan Tru. She sounds like a Boss
The lovely Lani Minella.
She should be the Fleet Admiral/Commander? for the Republic fleet. Which would be hilarious as she also voices Admiral T'Nae. But she does sound extremely official.

And on my transferred holodeck character, my ship still appears as my First Officer's legs. Now I like my first officers legs, they are great and the Seven of Nine boots are wonderful on her, but her legs won't carry me to the next star system. She's a Vulcan not a warp drive. It's an even weirder glitch because my native holodeck science officer is perfectly fine and her ship sits gloriously in the distance.
Yes I support This

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