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05-20-2013, 10:23 AM
very nice, and while this goes against the kudos from everyone else, i feel the following is necessary.

a few points, don't make non-uniform bump/normals maps/tesselation maps/displacement on the floor that isn't carpeting for any tech style flooring. while it looks spiffy, no ship or any technologically advanced race would have such an uneven surface. same for the walls that appear metal...this also saves in the texture dept. (if displacement shader, was unnecessary)

both should be smooth as glass, or if you want a tex for the floor use something that would give people traction, uniform in appearance. something you might actually find here on earth :p such as raised diamonds, small scalloped circles, etc.

no one (real world) wants bumpy metal for anything, it's weak, the rough surface creates potential fracture points, last thing you'd want in an engine room with such explosive power >.<

do love the lighting of and off the warp core however, first rate that
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