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05-20-2013, 10:08 AM
Originally Posted by freedumb4eva View Post
Switching targets is also an option, but the only option to take down a buffed target is a sub nuc.

I would prefer a gameplay style without zombies.
That sounds about right to me. I don't really see it as a problem. You're saying you should be able to kill a target (without subnuc) if everyone on the other team is healing and throwing resists to that target? So your offense should be able to beat the combined defensive powers of an entire team? Now that doesn't sound right. You either subnuc or switch targets. At that point, a good target for your alhpa strike would probably be the primary healer that is throwing out all these heals/resists to his allies as he won't have many left for himself, and then when he goes down you could probably take out another one or two players before he gets back into the match.