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05-20-2013, 10:14 AM
i agree with this. it needs to change i stoped playing for a little over a year and now i come back and can't even finish projects i had started because i have to go back and grid rep on all my toons. its getting old fast and if the chart i found is right the people posting that is 30 days is wrong so now i have to spend what little time i have to play grinding parts for rep and for what? there are gaps for someone like my self who dose not play alot so i look at it as i need to save the stuff i get just to pour it into the rep system to lvl it to be able to get the XK XII items i want but that means that between tier 2 and tier 4 all im doing to rep no rewards for that and now i have to repeat it for each alt i have this makes me not want to make a new toon witch i have been realy looking forward too and my wife is in the same spot and she ordered a starter pack for LOR, but now dose not want to play due to knowing that she will have to wast at lest a month on rep yet again.

PWE, CRPTIC please make rep acount wide let all toons add for rep if you want to balance it make each one have to unlock the items to me haveing to run the STF's to get the marks or proccesors to unlock and buy things is fine but haveing to run them just for the sake of rep it self gets old fast if end game is only rep grinding then thats no end game