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05-20-2013, 10:42 AM
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Hi !

Does someone know if we can discharge or kick out this Thovan idiot at end? I know its probably too late to make a second female char and a voice for an alternative char than this Thovan ass. Let him at least go to the tailor. I would never let someone on my bridge with such an ugly head tattoo, or head tattoos at all. Jesus, the same char on every romulan ship, with the same name and the same look, as if you have forgotten that there is something with the name "logic", really great. I think, for you it was probably the easiest and fastest way to develop a romulan story - Thovan idiot says something and we must do that, really a simple way to make a story, no variations, no customizations, one voice, one way. I was really stupid to buy the Legacy Pack for $ 125. Let me know, if there are some news about a deactivation of this Thovan.


Miss Arzu Bazman

as far as i know you cannot disharge him from your roster since he is part of the story.