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05-20-2013, 10:53 AM
Originally Posted by stirling191 View Post
Fair? Absolutely. Torpedoes are shot for shot one of (if not the most) powerful weapons available in-game. A carefully built torpedo boat can potentially put out 6 figure plus hits every second. The only thing keeping that kind of destructive power from overwhelming everything is the kinetic shield absorption.

Could that ratio stand to be tweaked a smidge? Perhaps. Does it need to be on-par with the NPC torpedo shield killing? Not a chance. Players don't need to be able to do the invisi-torp of doom routine.
With every buff that I have available as a tac captain + my console damage buffs, there is no way that my quantum torpedoes are going to do 6 digit numbers consistently as you have asserted. I don't think that I can hit 6 digits with quantums, perhaps with blowing GDF.

With Trico it is possible.

IMO you made up this 6 digit damage every second scenario, whereas my experience and observation lends me to believe that torpedo damage needs to be un-nerfed.

I also didn't mention the fact that often my torpedoes just miss, which makes this slow firing weapon system even less attractive, though it is my favorite.

This weapon system, imo, also requires 3x DOFF slots in order to work properly. That is a pretty big commitment for such little payoff.