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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
all shields start out with a base of 75% resistance, and it doesn't cap there. highly buffed shield res results in mid 90% range of kinetic resist. its stupid as hell. BO doesn't have to deal with that crap, that 75% built in res needs to go.
Is there a source for that?

Because like I posted, even if you take off that 75% initially for the kinetic resist and then apply the shield cap to the remaining're still not going to get the OP's numbers.

That's with a 3-step process:
1) Remove bleedthrough.
2) Apply shield kinetic reduction/absorption.
3) Apply shield damage reduction.

8300 - 830 = 7470
7470 * 0.25 = 1867.5
1867.5 * X = 300
X = 83.9%

So something with a cap of 75% would have to be applying 83.9% additional damage reduction after the 75% initial kinetic reduction.

To get to the 96% damage reduction the OP was seeing with a 2-step process, shields would have to have an additional 128% damage reduction against kinetic after the 75% against kinetic. (1.28 * 0.75 to get 0.96).

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