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# 328 IMPORTANT - Foundry Nerfs
05-20-2013, 11:57 AM
Important Announcement:

I hope this reaches everyone in time. If you haven't heard already, the Costume Import feature of the Foundry will be removed for an indefinite amount of time. The link to the opposition thread is in my signature. (May 20, 2013)

I highly suggest to each author, to Save, and Import the costumes they have now into both their existing faction mission, and a blank mission.
  • The faction mission so they have access to the costumes and can delete them at any time
  • The blank mission so if a sequel comes up, you can copy that blank and make a sequel using the costumes.

I highly recommend the following links to download just in case, in addition to your self made costumes.

Remember, once the Costume Import feature is gone, we cannot share costumes with one another, separate of taking photographs of the sliders and colour choices - a tedious process. Also, starships out of a window will no longer be possible unless the costumes are already somewhere in the Foundry (hence why I suggested to save them to a blank template).

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