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05-20-2013, 11:04 AM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Are there any threads out there from where folks have done testing against buffed/non-buffed targets where they've incremented their consoles?

I'm wondering how hard those torps are hitting against non-cappped shield folks.

Whether the issue is actually originating when they hit or if the problem is when they're in, they're not actually doing the damage they're supposed to be doing - so the damage against the buffed target is far smaller than one would expect.

When it comes to torps, I don't run Quants. I run Trans and Plasma. Even with the Plasma which are going to have reduced damage because of the addition of the DoT damage, I haven't seen numbers that low. Yeah, they're crappy numbers...but nothing like that.
In PvE it's not so bad, but against buffed shields, yes I was doing 300-500 damage per torp. I saw it with my own eyes...

I only use quantums and I don't expect them to be one shot kills by any means, but seriously, the damage that they do against shields is pitiful. If this were real life, no one would produce quantum torpedoes, they would not even have been considered a viable weapon system.

With all of my buffs running I can break 1k damage to shields per torp.... How much do cannons do again? Then, after the cannons break shields, they do how much to hull? Does hull get an automatic 75% resistance to energy damage? Hmm... not balanced there according to my perceived logic of the gameplay mechanics, (torps vs hull and energy vs shields.)