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05-20-2013, 11:15 AM
You can't change his name or gender - but you can edit him. My Tovan has Romulan eyebrows, sweeping up sharply, not the flattened brows more common among those races that have eyebrows in the first place; he also has a different tattoo, a facial scar, and other subtle differences.

The "logic" behind it, if such it can be termed, seems to be that each toon is the star of his/her own story; you're the only one who takes that decrepit old warbird from Virinat to the Flotilla, you're the only one who finds and explores Dewa III, and you're the only one with Tovan Khev aboard. (Even when you run into other parties of Romulans on Nimbus III, and everybody else has a Tovan Khev too.)
"Science teaches us to expect -- demand -- more than just eerie mysteries. What use is a puzzle that can't be solved? Patience is fine, but I'm not going to stop asking the universe to make sense!" - David Brin, "Those Eyes"