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05-20-2013, 11:17 AM
Originally Posted by messahla View Post
as far as i know you cannot disharge him from your roster since he is part of the story.
Yes and No....

The only reason he is part of the "story" is because the Devs hardcoded his lines with Voice Overs. If it wasnt for the VOs he is needless "storywise" and adds nothing after the intial few levels. All he does is chime in with his unasked for opinion. Any officer could deliver the same lines of Text but they had to Voice it.

The point OP is making I believe is that once you are done with the "story", you are still stuck with Tovan. You cant delete him and you cant rename him. You are stuck with him for all eternity. His only use would be in when you replay missions to get XI gear and then you really dont need him to be in the "story"

He is one of those characters people are either going to love or hate. He makes my skin crawl. I could buy a similar BO at the embassy and that negates the only point in even holding on to him which are his stats.

It would be very easy to let us rename him or delete him. Just have the VOs coming from an imaginary NPC Tovan.

There is no need to have BO Tovan so NPC Tovan can chit chat.