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05-20-2013, 12:27 PM
Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Is this not how shields are suppossed to resist kinetic damage as the technology that keeps those particles in space from ripping through a vessel while in flight?

I dont see the issue.

Yes, I thought so too, but then what of the gameplay balance vs cannons? If torps are supposed to be best vs hull, and cannons are supposed to be best vs shields and torpedoes are extremely weak vs shields and cannons are as good or better than torpedoes vs hull... => Torpedoes are then obviously inferior since cannons are better at taking down targets all together.

This, along with wanting to min/max, are the reasons that many players go for full cannon builds. A full Torpedo build is not nearly as viable, why is that?

When a weapon system begins with an inherent 75% reduction in damage, it becomes quite unattractive.

Perhaps there are some suggestions to improve torpedoes...

Decrease the initial damage reduction that shields provide.

Remove the damage reduction provided by shields and decrease overall torpedo damage to an acceptable level.

Increase the rate of fire of torpedoes.

IDK, it's my opinion that they could be buffed vs shields.