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05-20-2013, 11:30 AM
Originally Posted by bunansa View Post
There needs to be a rethink of the entire clothing line for this game

Uniform Offduty Formal...just stop it, its annoying to see npcs have certain mix matches and not us players. Its not so much of its not fair but so much as it...makes no sense, if i paid for said article of clothing let me do with it what I want..jee

WE as a whole need tons of new stuff added and or put in that is already in


thats my kahn emote from now on

Now back to the subject at hand, boots for romulan and kdf females suck now...put back in the TOS boots as a viable option even without the TOS pack, and put in a couple nice form fitting boots, its like starfleet has all the fasion sense cause cardassians are the tailors everywhere but not for us...gosh im jealous now

Increase the color palettes for all factions and than just make that the standard pallete for ALL outfits, its wierd how blue chest doesnt match blue leg...just doesnt make any damn sense

its been a few seconds....


k back to the meat again

Where in bloody gods name is some more clothing options for the non fed factions? Make it appealing or lose the damn attempt to create said factions viable for money income

Ships for alot of us are the get you there item
Clothing for alot of us is the immersion of the game itself if my character looks like arse than i wish not to do stuff with my character in any form of the game itself

Now that being said, what was done so far is amazing, some of the detail and thought that went into alot of the newer rrf stuff is great but it falls short when you limit colors and options for mix matching and what not

Skirts, boots, matching color palettes, kdf outfits that sorely need to be added ( i admittdly havent done the new kdf missions, but do they reward some clothing at certain missions...if not, there we go)

Meow just one meow thing,

For me the only APPROPRIATE Klingon clothing are the paneled shirt/vest. That is fairly generic and can be color blocked to create a number of different looks approriate for Non-Klingons like Gorn or Letheans.

Some of my characters had the Klingon shoulder option. Doesnt fit at all and looks fairly awful when mixed with romulan outfits.

Also had Klingon boot options which also didnt fit the Romulans.

If they want to have Fed/Klingon BOs retain their faction looks fine... But I would prefer Romulans have Romulan Options. and consistant Romulan options.

And whoever is art directing the Romulans... they really need to let go of the cargo pockets and scarves and trying to force people to look like janitors.