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05-20-2013, 12:43 PM
Originally Posted by twg042370 View Post
You seem to be familiar with other MMOs yet you call what STO does at lvl 50 a grind without laughing so hard you can no longer type?
Compared to the market leader, STO is ridiculous.

I can hit 90 in a couple of days of playing if I have a main char to provide heirlooms and be relatively decently geared in 1-2 weeks through lfr queuing and lesser coin rolls.

I hit 50 in STO, with no help in the level grind apart from C-Store gimme your money shenanigans xp boost packs and it will take me months of daily logging in to have a decently geared ship so I can do what? Grind the same boring STF's, albeit with slightly harder difficulty. Start an alt and I have to do the same all over again, including the daft time&EC-gated rep grinds for half decent purplz.

A game with the limited subscriber/player base and limited end-game content of STO should not be only catering to the hardcore obsessive fringe players, who mostly only persist in playing because they're in love with the IP & canon.

That's a fast path to oblivion. Something that a game with limited appeal and player attention span can do without.