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05-20-2013, 01:02 PM
Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
Or does it?

I'm a long time player of the Free Oddy. To me.... a "dismal" turn rate isn't anything particularly bothersome. Then again.... I actually USE my Eng skills.... I'm also not afraid to disco everything in sight. Why? Because I know my ship can handle attracting aggro from multiple enemies. I have no problem flying the D'D or Ha'apax as-is. I don't even bother with RCS consoles....
Space whale has a higher turn rate, granted only .5. If you want to look at the broader aspect of the topic no cruiser should be .5-1 point above a carrier, so even the Space Whale should get a point point boost. There's a huge divide between turn rates for escorts/sci and cruisers, but very little between some cruisers and carriers. Carriers make up for this by sheer numbers of fighters combined with carrier weapons. Yes cruisers have more hull, but they should be able to place a few good hits too, but the lower turn rates can be very preventative when it comes to lower firing arc weapons.

But then again back to a point that was completely ignored, what game breaking damage would there be in a 1-2 point increase?