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Originally Posted by gurriknak View Post
Out of curiosity, have you tried using Transphasics?

I've been tinkering with one, but unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to get it to perform like I think it should. Now, this could be due to my lack of end-game rep gear/lockbox/lobi items, but even with that... /shrugs

I'm running a Patrol Escort with the Breen space set, 3 Rapidfire Transphasics and a DHC in the nose (have thought about switching it to a DBB and utilize "Target Shields" or "Beam Overload), 1 Rapidfire Transphasic (or Breen Cluster), Borg Kinetic Beam, and Turret in the rear (again, thinking about switching the turret for a beam). Four Transphasic Tactical Consoles and the Assimilated Console. The most I seem to be able to get is around 484 DPS tooltip per torp, which considering the Breen set boosts Transphasic damage by 30% & the Tac consoles another 26% each (they're blue, unfortunately), I can get a whole lot more bang just by switching to the Jem'Hadar set w/ loading up on Polaron weapons.

Any tips?

Edit: Corrected DPS, also running 3 blue Projectile DOFFs -- I'm one of those poor space captains...
Try the Breen Cluster, RF Transphasic and a MKII Purple Transphasic up front.
I hope you're using the High Yield 3/Torpedo Spread 3 combo and try to get a little close.
If you're going to be using energy weapons, then Disruptors seems to be the better choice.

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