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05-20-2013, 12:53 PM
Originally Posted by wufangchu View Post
Why?? the D'Dex has always been superior to any federation ships of the 23rd century.. Please dont cry foul because all of a sudden theres a ship to be fearful of.. I personally dont like the D'Dex, or cruisers in general. I'll never fly them. I like escorts and warbirds and getting in close and intimate. Cant do that well in a cruiser ( any cruiser ). The thing is, regardless of what the D'Dex can do, I've seen federation builds that make it look silly. One shot-ing borg cubes for example.. With power like that, theres nothing to be afraid of, and any argument of in-equality becomes meaningless..
Um.... all I got from this was "I'm an outraged fanboy."

Personally, I LOVE cruisers. Escorts.... not so much. Battlecruisers are good though.

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