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05-20-2013, 12:54 PM
Originally Posted by crypticarmsman View Post
Not if you wanted a MkXII piece of gear. You had to hope the random number generator rewarded you with an item you needed; and I know plenty of folks who (myself included) - after a year, DIDN'T have a complete set of what they actually wanted; or had numerous duplicates that they could only sell back to an NPC.

With the new rep system you can get fully geared in all the MkXII sets (and at a casual pace) in about 3 months - guaranteed.
It took me a whole week of playing STF's to get the gear sets I wanted(At a casual pace). It was only 3 pieces of gear per set for a total of what 6 separate gears pieces. You can do a STF once every hour. And the Borg set wasn't a random drop, you could buy it, pretty quickly I might add if you did STF's. I'd rather that then spent millions in EC to unlock a series of things I STILL have to grind for to unlock individually, of which I only want maybe one or 2 things anyways.