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05-20-2013, 02:02 PM
Originally Posted by diabolicaltroop View Post

Oh, I have put up "This Far, No Further" in my title as requested over disenchanted.
Should change it all from disenchanted to "This Far, No Further" especially with Fed's getting Plasmonic Leech.

If you Fed's want our continued support and respect, how about doing something for us and start hammering Cryptic by boycotting the new lockboxes or just lockboxes in general? This is going to see a massive exodus of good players mark my words if Cryptic don't get their act together. We saw an exodus of good players over Fed's getting carriers. We saw another over the season 7 grind. Now what you think is going to happen now?
KDF Future with Cryptic. Fact.

What Cryptic should consider before releasing anything.