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05-20-2013, 01:06 PM
*meekly* That's all?

Nothing about allowing Allied bridge officers to be used to Train powers for Romulan players?

Nothing about how 'calling support' in "Cutting the Cord" has support teams prematurely spawned for Romulan players, and that they don't despawn... making it really awkward when you call down orbital bombardments right over their heads?

Nothing about the difficulty of "Devil's Choice" during the "Defense of New Romulus" objective?

No addition of missing Romulan Republic undershirts/skirts?

No clean up of hair textures that end up having corrupted transparencies at their ends?

No fixing of the Valdore mip model (level of detail) that makes her wings textureless when seen from afar? (which happens often when looking at the flotilla from sector space and will even more when people actually start playing with the Valdore).

The last two patches have been kind of lean. I'm kind of worried.
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