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05-20-2013, 01:11 PM
Originally Posted by wufangchu View Post
Why?? the D'Dex has always been superior to any federation ships of the 23rd century.. Please dont cry foul because all of a sudden theres a ship to be fearful of.. I personally dont like the D'Dex, or cruisers in general. I'll never fly them. I like escorts and warbirds and getting in close and intimate. Cant do that well in a cruiser ( any cruiser ). The thing is, regardless of what the D'Dex can do, I've seen federation builds that make it look silly. One shot-ing borg cubes for example.. With power like that, theres nothing to be afraid of, and any argument of in-equality becomes meaningless..
Yeah in the 23rd but not in the 24th....
And the game now plays in the 25th.

My GalX is one of those cube one shotters too, it also suffers a bad turnrate for something that can use cannons though, and said one shot does not even always hit if you don't use tractor beam.
And yeah you have seen build like that, but let me use your own argument about one shot ships : What stops D'dederix flyiers from making the same build? - Nothing

You also forget that the D'dederix is a lot bigger than a Galaxy Class ship and it is thus logical that the galaxy would be morre maneuverable than a D'dederix.
The Galaxy and the D'dederix were pretty even btw . A sovereign was even stronger than it.