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05-20-2013, 01:20 PM
Originally Posted by buddha1369 View Post
Well that didn't take long.

My advice: grow up. If giving that one single console to the feds is SOOOO overpowering it will kill the entire KDF then it was too powerful to begin with and you are just selfishly trying to hold onto a console you are now openly admitting is OP. You know what will happen? Feds will spend millions putting this console on every ship they have, then complaining that is got secretly nerfed when it is not the I WIN button they believed it to be. I can think of one of my three feds who will actually use this console, a sci who could use the power.

And don't dismiss the Gas Sensor. This forum has been flooded with KDF complaints that the Roms will be giving the Feds too many cloaking ships and killing the KDF. Now you get something specifically designed to combat cloaked ships and you dismiss it out of hand? Every B'trel torpboat captain should put one of these on their ship and start slaughtering the Roms. Cruiser/carrier captains would be wise to have one too, loaded on a rear torp to counter alpha strikes.

Also back before the Dominion lockbox when I said everyone was overreacting when it was "rumored" it would include the PL? Yea, I take that back
I believe that the KDF can finally have 5-TAC raptors and BOPs now thanks.

Lets be honest now that there is no valid reason why they should not have it.