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05-20-2013, 01:27 PM
Originally Posted by cptshephard View Post
I have a really hard time believing that people won't try KDF because of Fed plasmonic leech. I played just Fed for the longest time and then rolled my KDF character and LOVED it. I loved my raptor and I liked the C-Store B'rel. Up until a month ago I didn't even know this console existed, when I found out I bought it and tried it. It didn't make me go "Hm. I would play my Feds more if I had this console."

I like my KDF toon and will still play him as my primary alt.
Well, given that the Romulans have -10 power to all subsystems that made my mind up to roll a Rom/KDF for plasmonic leech, because it would be a really vital counter to all that power loss.

I'm not even saying that to be inflammatory, it was my genuine reason for rolling Rom-KDF. Now that feds have it, the only intensive I can see is doffing which is way better on KDF side. The problem is I have around 500 purple doffs on fed side, plus most of the c-store ships (and therefore consoles).

It's pretty much a no-brainer. I'll still roll one of each, but the KDF Romulan will be delegated to neglected doffer alt and my fed will turn into my new main alt.

S'just how it is mate