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05-20-2013, 01:48 PM
Dmg mods only give you slightly better dps... The real damage is done on critical hits.

Acc means your shots will land on target plus Acc vs Defense score overflow goes into CrtH... Which is why it is preferred in PvP.
CrtH will get you big hits.
CrtD when you do crit you will hit for higher numbers.
Dmg won't help you hit the target nor will it help you crit. It only helps with CrtD to once you crit

This is why the quads fail.
Best pvp mods are Accx3 or Accx2 with either a CrtH or CrtD if you have crit consoles/boffs.
Fleet Accx2 dmgx2 are only acceptable bc of the Accx2, the Dmgx2 kinda mimic a CrtD mod.

PvE most targets defense is low anyway so best mods are either
CrtH CrtDx2 or CrtD x3. This if you have the borg, Tachyokinetic, zero point consoles already equipped. If not CrtH x2 CrtD or CrtH x3 work well too.

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