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Originally Posted by toiva View Post
As has been said, the singularity cores with their power disadvantage may as well balance the Battlecloak, not simply the singularity abilities.

So, if they'd make it a possibility to somehow "switch" to a FED/KDF power system without singularity abilities and power disadvantages, they should disable the cloak (that btw needs all the energy of the core - that's the reason Romulans can't fire energy weapons when cloaked), or at the very least, make it a regular cloak with bad stats.

But I don't think that's happening, anyway.
well, the battle cloak is not exclusive to romulans - and honestly in PvP I don't see the battle cloak giving an advantage - sure it might be a lifesafer if a player is fast enough to engage it, but since the player can not fire with the cloak activated it means also that the other player he fought will have a break and can heal up too.

So in the end all it does is to extend the duration of a fight. And Yes, battle cloaks can be used to get in positions for alpha strikes - but that can be done with the normal cloak most kdf-ships have just as good.

So in my optionen neither the battle cloak nor the singulary core abilities nor both together can compensate for the -40 penalty on energy levels.

just a thought:

As stated before I would like to have the option to switch modes for the singulartiy core between "Charge" (+ singulartiy core abilites, -40 penalty on energy levels) and "Standard" (no singulartiy core abilities, no penalty on energy level).

If the battle cloak is the only remaining reason for the penalty on energy levels then I would like to second the idea to turn it into a normal cloak if the core is in "Standard mode" - as said before you could even justify that with the higher energy levels making the cloak less effective or leaving no energy reserves to engage the cloak immediatly. This way the warbirds would be on the same levels as most kdf-ships.

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