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05-20-2013, 02:59 PM
oh boy, now my fed rom can have leach. now the only reservation for not joining kdf is the elite disruptor that im still a LONG ass time away from even having access too, and diplomacy doff missions are crap compered to marauding, for the contraband.

now the feds can have maco, leach and cloak/battle cloak too. lol @ everyone freaking out about feds getting leach, now they get what the kdf has had since season 7. factions have become such a formality.

the lock box ships have just a normal cloak not a battle cloak, no singularity or singularity power, and sound like they have a borg warp core, something more like a fed core by the sounds of it. nice of them to NOT launch a faction and then what makes that faction unique for use by everyone at the same time.

OH, and theres NO lock box carrier in sight! REJOICE!
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