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05-20-2013, 02:03 PM
An i believe you can buy a similar officer from the Embassy so his traits dont even make him worth keeping.

The point is that many people DONT WANT HIM.

Preventing him from being deleted or renamed after he has delivered all of his very unRomulan dialogue is simply wrong.

Why would you make people keep a BO they dont want and/or dont use.

I can objectively say the writing and VO is bad. Now that "beta" is over I dont mind saying that. Its badly written and his delivery is comical and is just one of a series of horrible choices for this expansion.

If anything he is a lightening rod for everyones dissatisfaction with a poorly written story that swings wildly from hokey to non sensical.

Deleting him would be a welcome Catharis.

His being around is a constant reminder of the travesty of stahl's joke of a romulan faction.