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05-20-2013, 02:04 PM
Originally Posted by koppster View Post
I am sad to see what has become of the game in my absence of just over a year or so.

Not only have some in-game rewards been removed from STF's they were originally obtained from (borg set for instance), but they've now been stuck behind a horribly implemented reputation grind that is nothing other than a blatant time and ec sink.

Having even first tier rewards gated behind time-based "quests" is ridiculous. You can't even grind the rep in the traditional MMO manner, as the return from, for instance, turning in Omega marks in the non-time limited manner is abysmal.

Why turn STO into a grind? It's counter-productive to modern MMO development philosophy. Any MMO player survey will tell you: no-one likes grinding in an MMO. Grinding loses subs.
Oooh but you are not seeing the big picture... More Grind and more Time Sinks means that people cannot progress too fast and be done with all the content. It keeps them plugging along and logging in when they otherwise would not. That helps PWE's bottom line. It may not be so hot for us... but it is great for them. If they lose any customers they will just replace them with new customers which is even better seems how they do not have all the stuff they will need to buy yet.