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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
Let's see what the Vesta,
Very good ship that is hard to use, hardly IWin ... PL might help along the Aux DHCs but still a sci ship with weak hull, builds exist taking advantage of high Aux settings and the Aux DHCs.

I certainly missed the rage but are you serious complaining about it? the only thing it can do is pet spawn you that is a mildly annoyance because its not a sci ship and who is going to waste aux batteries to launch fighters?

Fleet Patrol Escort,
Try Steamrunner.

One trick pony that only works on PvE under certain circumstances.

Fleet Defiant,
Who doesnt even get +10% to shields because of its 5th Tac console.

Kumari Escort
I fly one, have NO damage control ... you have the very worst BO layout when you fly it, I would even switch to Lt. Eng/Ens Sci that would still mean it have no real damage control.

That is why about everyone stop talking about it when release because the ship royally sucks when it comes to survival.

+ Leadership
Stop being OP many patches ago ...

have to say on that subject.
Your KDFRage.doc needs to be updated.

Also let me remind you of one thing, your rage is because you lost PL exclusivity ... now unless you are saying KDF are utter rubbish that NEED a pay Console that is so obvious broken but is required because poor KDF have rubbish ships and it will kill the KDF when put of OP Fed ships that are OP.

...I am so sorry you lost your P2W console and cannot steamroll feds with Fleet Vor'cha.
Romulans ...
You start your career off as a simple farmer... then you launch yourself into a galaxy filled with intrigue, power plays, and high stakes games of interstellar conflict, as your career careens upwards onto your final destination ... a level capped Dilithium and Fleet Mark Farmer!

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